Paragon Property Services is a veteran owned business that serves the state of North Carolina. We strive to provide the best quality of work for our valued customers and will treat your property as if it were our own! We are your one stop shop for all things Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Painting+Staining, and Concrete & Asphalt Services.

Angier, North Carolina, United States

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Paragon Service Suite


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing removes dirt, grime, mold, and stains, restoring surfaces to a cleaner state. It's important for maintaining property aesthetics, preventing damage, and promoting a healthier environment by eliminating mold and mildew. Regular pressure washing can extend the lifespan of surfaces and enhance overall curb appeal.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning services involve the removal of debris, leaves, and other obstructions from gutters and downspouts. We’ll ensure proper drainage by eliminating blockages, thus preventing water damage to the property.

Painting & Staining

Enhance the aesthetics of your home or business. Protect against wear and tear, or transform your space with a fresh new look.

Concrete Services

Concrete services and repairs include tasks such as crack filling, leveling uneven surfaces, and addressing structural issues. These services are crucial for enhancing the durability and eliminating safety hazards.

Asphalt Services

Asphalt services include paving, patching, seal coating, line striping and crack filling. Maintaining your asphalt surfaces with regular maintenance is crucial to the longevity and lifespan of your investment.

Sport Court Resurfacing

Renew and upgrade the playing surface of your court. From tennis courts to basketball courts and pickleball courts, this process includes cleaning, repairing cracks or damage, and applying new coatings to restore the playability and curb appeal of your court.